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Cracks in Her Foundation


Steal. Kill. Destroy


Cracks in Her Foundation (stageplay)


Vindicated by His Grace




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Cracks in Her Foundation

Steal. Kill. Destroy

Vindicated by His Grace


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Shani Mixon's newest book DIPSUCHOS is an incredible and inspiring story. You won’t want to put it down!!! Also, can we talk about that cover?  Stunning.

Amber Helt-Editor at Rooted in Writing


What a book. This story proves that even the most devote Christian has its own ups and downs. It proves what's done in the dark comes to light and how we are constantly fighting sin. No matter how many cracks are in our foundation God is always standing by waiting on us to make a choice to trust in Him.

Cracks in Her Foundation" by Shani Mixon is a powerful literary expression of redemption, forgiveness and God's unfailing love. Mixon carries the reader on a realistic journey of family drama, lies and deception that crack it's very foundation.

You have written a very well

plotted and organized story full of twists and turns and real drama. Congratulations!

I enjoyed reading it and am impressed by the work you’ve done so far. This

Christian love story (series, in fact) does not shy away from the uglier sides of

human behaviour, which gives these book a unique and contemporary edge over

much Christian fiction.

RNS Book Club

-Cracks in Her Foundation

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-Cracks in Her Foundaion

FriesenPress Editors

-Steal. Kill. Destroy


Shani Mixon is a Christian Fiction author who has a vision to share realistic life stories in the form of a literary masterpiece.  She loves God and applies a biblical eye and touch to the lives of each one of her characters.  If you enjoy a good read that involves drama, love, hurt, twists, and turns, then she is your author.  

She is the wife of Pastor Jay L Mixon and has a heart to see kingdom building. Supporting the vision, she works closely with community. 

Her upcoming projects include; a Christian magazine, and writing the third installment of the Forgiveness series.

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