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Book Signing/Release Tips

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

So, it's totally your day

You've written a masterpiece. You've published your book. Now, it's your time to shine and let the world know that (insert your name here, of course) has a new book to share. The date of your first book signing is set and on the books. You even have a few R.S.VPs for the occasion. Here are a few tips to set you on your way. #booksigningideas

1. Create an event page using your social media platform. It's easy and it spreads the word quickly. My favorite platforms to share are Facebook and Eventbrite. Both platforms are free to set up. My favorite part of both platforms is that the admin can post updates. Facebook will allow your audience to participate in the discussion as well.

2. Get your giveaways ready. Let's be honest who doesn't like a freebie. No, I'm not talking about giving away free books at your signing (Well, unless you want to do that). I am talking about those little extras that make others smile. You can get affordable and customizable items that make your audience's heart go pitter pat. Think about mugs, pens, notebooks, t shirts with your book printed on them (free marketing if your reader wears it), water bottles with your logo, and bags. You don't have to order a slew of trinkets, but it is nice to have a few on hand. Think of a cool way to give them away. That brings me to tip three.

3. Engage your audience with trivia questions. This works well, especially if you have written other books. I may ask a few questions about my previous books, but not too much to give away the story to new readers. I give away small prizes to right answers. You might also do giveaways for the first person who arrives, or the person who has a number under his or her chair.

4. Personalize bookmarks and postcards. The first time I had a book signing, I thought everyone who walked through the door would buy a book. I mean that's what the person came to do, right? Wrong. For the most part, everyone did buy a book, but there were one or two who didn't. My first thought was, "Oh, it's like that, huh?" No, the truth is people do come to support, but circumstances may affect their budgets or plan. Have bookmarks and postcards made for the people who are not ready to buy. The bookmark or postcard should have your book title(s), online contact information, where to buy your book, and a catchy graphic.

5. Food or no food, that is the question. That is a great question. It is up to you, but it also depends on the location. Obviously, if you are at bookstore, your answer might be a strong, no. I've done both. When I had a soft book release with friends and family, there was food. However, it was professionally catered finger foods. Remember, you want the focus to be on your books, not the most delicious meal that was made on this side of heaven or even worse, the most tasteless disgusting grub ever whipped up in the kitchen. I also had a book club to sponsor a few of my signings and they wanted to have food available which they provided. Last, but not least, I've done no food at all and we still had a grand ole' time.

Well, I am signing off once again. I hoped you gained a few tips. Remember...Faith to build your platform. Faith to work your platform.

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