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The day my husband became the enemy...

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

About a year and a half ago, my husband and I had a wild idea to turn my first book into a stage play. The project was huge and some might have said it was totally out of our league. We were trying to do a #tylerperry thing. In reality, we had a vision and wanted to encourage our children and supporters to know to follow their dreams. So, we did. We held a casting call that was mildly successful. Only two people showed up from out of state with no professional acting experience. (Sidenote: They were phenomenal in the play and I appreciate them.) #cracksinherfoundation Since our first casting failed, we started to search for people and so did our director. Within a matter of months we had a cast. Some had acting experience and some just had courage without a minute of experience. That was okay because it starts with a dream, right? Plus, this was our first time as producers. If we messed up, at least, we wouldn't have a ton of experienced people pointing the finger saying, "Really?" We were basically learning together and trust me, we were definitely doing just that.

The enemy...

So, a month into rehearsal, the "villain" of our play was no longer able be a part of the cast. He had taken on a new job. Congratulations to him, but happy stress to me. Our play was now at a stopping point. Well, maybe a slowing point, but regardless it was at a point where I was like, "Um, if another obstacle comes this way, I may have to put this project on the back burner." Don't judge. We all have been there. But there was still the motivation and faith left to push. (Sidenote: No, we did not have understudies. We had the budget of a burger meal and we were short a few fries.)

My husband decided, well was "voluntold" that he would have to take on the role of Adrian, a ruthless gang CEO, ready to crush the world. Here are a few of his lines: Oh, by the way, my hubby is in the black jacket and gold chain below. That's him as the ruthlessAdrian. Transparent moment: The gold chain is a prop. It's really a beaded necklace from the dollar store.

"We can use this new found interest in Mia to our advantage.” Adrian spoke to Corey but looked at Mia. “One of the major factors keeping us from expanding is Tennessee and his empire. If Tennessee is removed, then there is a new sheriff in town.” “Man, no! Mia doesn’t know anything about this life. She just got here! You’d be sending her on a suicide mission, old man!” Adrian snorted, “Yeah, well, she knew this was a suicide mission when she decided to get involved. She’s bringing in money and I can’t just allow her to go with Tennessee and that be it. She can do us a favor. She owes us!” “Owes us?” Corey repeated. “Yes, she owes us! She came here broken. She is a spoiled girl looking for thug love. I have seen it all the time. Pretty girl who has it all is mad at the world and turns to men like us to put some life back in them. We do the job, get them rejuvenated, and when it gets real, they want out.” “Adrian, you have no idea what I’ve been through!” Mia yelled. “And baby girl, I don’t care. Whatever it is or was, you’re here now. You chose to roll with us. Now you ride or die.” “Look, what do you think she can accomplish by playing this game and going with Tennessee?” Corey asked. “She can end his life.” “So, you think I am just going to walk up to Carl and put a bullet in his head. Even if I could get close enough with a gun, I wouldn’t stand a chance. As soon as his crew hears a gun shot, I’m as good as dead!”

“Now, I wouldn’t send you with a gun. Just a little something some- thing to slip in his drink.” “Man, have you lost your mind? Mia is not a killer!” Corey said. “I’m not going to kill anyone!” Mia shook with fear and disgust. “You’re a silly woman! Did you think you could just walk into this and do what you want to do. This is my house! This is my kingdom! I run this! I let you in! I run you.” Adrian’s temper rose and his nostrils flared. “Look, I came here just to help out and get you out of this bind.”Mia’s voice shook. “Help me? I didn’t need your help! You think you’re a gift to this family. Silly girl, I let you in because I knew my son would lose his focus if you weren’t somehow connected to me. I needed him here running this not sniffing up behind some b—”

Back to reality

My husband played the greatest enemy in all three productions of our stage play. #cracksinherfoundation To find out more, visit my website.

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