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Profile of A Serial Mother (Mothers who are not to be messed with) Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers.

You are absolutely amazing! It is not easy being a mom, but it is definitely a rewarding experience. So, let's just cut to the chase. I want to introduce to some and reacquaint with others, three of the most fierce mothers I’ve written about. Each of these women have made me rethink my own interactions with my children. From their big hearts to ruthless encounters, these ladies have one thing in common. That is the unconditional love for their children.

Lady Michelle, Living Waters Church, Cracks in Her Foundation and Vindicated by His Grace

Lady Michelle is the first and only wife of Pastor Michael and mother to Mia and Melody. She is regal, elegant, and reserved. She is confident enough to quietly confront a problem without a blink of an eye or sweat on her brow. Her irritation is only evident in the smooth arch of her perfectly threaded eyebrow. Her strength comes from her upbringing and a tear jerking tragedy with Michael. After learning of her husband’s infidelity with her cousin which produced a child, Michelle knows how to weather the storm and come out on top. She a praying woman and a fierce protector of her children. See First Lady Michelle pray in at 1:43 minutes in the video below:

Current age: 57

Husband: Pastor Michael

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Fragrance: Chanel No. 5

Favorite Dish: Homemade Chicken Pot Pie

Pastime: Singing and Loving her grandchildren

Children: Mia, Melody

Son-in-law: Edward (former), Corey Phillips, Tyler Deen

Amelia Deen, Green Pastures, Steal Kill Destroy and Vindicated by His Grace

Amelia Deen is the wife of mega pastor Tyler Deen located in an elite suburb of Chicago. She exudes haughtiness and is particular of who she lets in her inner circle. In order to tango with Amelia, one must look the part. She is protective of her son, Tyler and dismissive of her depressed daughter, Peyton. Amelia's lethal iciness came into play when a beautiful Jamaican woman stole her father away from her years ago. The wretched hole of her father’s abandonment is filled with deep prejudice. Amelia's bigotry relentlessly claws at her family leaving them in shreds of tension.

Current age: 58

Husband: Charles Deen

Favorite Color: Emerald Green

Favorite Drink: Ristretto Expresso

Shoe Choice: Christian Louboutin Galativi

Children: Tyler Deen, Peyton Deen,

Siblings: Half-Sister, Brandy

Alexus Smith, wife of a Congressman, Dipsuchos

Alexus is the docile wife of Darnell Smith. Well, that’s what she’d like people to think. Her submissiveness came by accident when she decided to come up with a devious ploy to gain the attention of her husband. Her scandalous plot backfired when the woman she hired to seduce her husband decided to make him a keeper. Now, Alexus can do nothing as she silent witnesses her husband fall into the quicksand of infidelity.

Current Age: 56

Husband: Darnell Smith

Favorite Hairstyle: Loose Chignon

Favorite Handbag Designer: Brahmin

Place of Travel: Bahamas

Although these women find themselves in the throes of pain, hurt, and deception, they eventual find freedom and forgiveness through faith and belief in God. They teach us that there is mercy and healing from their pasts. Happy Mother’s Day to Michelle, Amelia, and Alexus and Happy Mother’s Day to you.

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